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Who we are

SRI DURGA HORTICULTURE NURSERY was launched in 1996 in Anantharajupeta, Railway Kodur, KADAPA (Andhra Pradesh). In 7.5 acres of Nursery, K. SUBRAMANYAM (M.D) wanted urbanites to rediscover nature and use it as a means for healthier living -cleaner air, less stress, organic food and a much more fulfilling life. Growing plants need not be difficult, and we are always there to help you select and nature your greens. We are largest suppliers of forest plants, fruit plants, flower plants, medicinal plants and ornamentals – Indoor and outdoor.

A little piece of nature is what everyone wants, we understand that! SRI DURGA HORTICULTURE NURSERY, always strive to make that private garden dream a reality.

Plant Requirement in Bulk

Sri Durga Horticulture Nursery provides huge varieties of plants at different sizes in bulk quantity. We are providing delivery and offering wholesale price for the plants.

Nursery Area
We have large area of production, we are growing all varieties of plants in bulk. We have 7.5 acres of area of production.

Plant Categories
  • Sandalwood plants
  • All Forest plants
  • Garden Plants
  • Flowering Plants
  • Avenue Trees
  • Ground Covers
  • Bamboos
  • Climbers and Creepers
  • Fruit Plants
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Indoor Plants
  • Outdoor Plants

All transportation cost must be paid by customer.

All modes of payment accepted here

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E-mail: sridurgahorticulturenursery@gmail.com


We are a young team of HORTICULTURE in Anantharajupeta, Railway kodur, Kadapa district. We specialize in residential and commercial projects with high-quality finish. Our distinctive gardens are known for their classic proportion and geometric form. We enjoy using unexpected materials that challenge and sometimes even surprise. We also believe that good architecture and respect for the environment go hand in hand.

SRI DURGA HORTICULTURE NURSERY is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired age.

We sell to the wholesale nurseries, commercial gardeners, private nurseries, common public and supplies the needs of institutions or private estates.

We are largest suppliers Nursery in Andhra Pradesh.

Wishing you a greener home!